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Mayco Crystalite Glazes

Drama! Excitement!

These beautiful glazes transform in the kiln when small pieces of glass burst into color and intricate pattern during the firing process. Use alone for stunning effects, in glaze combination blending with Stroke & Coats®, Foundations® or Cobblestones or simply as an accent to your design.

General Use

Crystal glazes were designed to mature at cone 06/04. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque. Shake jar well and stir during the application process. Apply 3 coats with a fan brush, allow to dry between coats. Avoid placing crystals towards bottom of ware to keep them from flowing onto the kiln shelf during firing. Crystal Glazes can be fired to higher temperatures. Review individual color label for cone 6 firing results. The crystals in the glaze will melt when fired, which may create a textured surface. As that surface may be difficult to properly clean if in contact with food, we recommend crystal glazes to be used on decorative ware. Crystalites™ glazes are certified AP nontoxic. 

Helpful Hints

  • Left-over crystals? Just add a complimentary Foundations® glaze.
  • May use a complimentary Foundations® as a base glaze in order to make your crystals go further.
  • We recommend a soft fan brush for glaze application.
  • Stir frequently as crystals tend to settle in the jar due to their weight.
  • Store upside down with lid on securely to allow easy mixing and even dispersion of crystals.
  • As crystals tend to flow at higher temperatures, we recommend limiting number of crystals on bottom third of vertical piece to avoid glaze running onto kiln shelf.
  • Re-distribution of crystals may be required during the final coat. Where you see the crystal is where you will see it bloom.

Application Recommendations

  • Shake well prior to each application coat. The reason for this recommendation is that the crystals will settle to the bottom of the jar in a short period of time. If you notice the crystals settling during an application you can either dip your brush to the bottom of the jar to re-dispense or attach the lid and shake vigorously.
  • During the application of the third coat of glaze you may find it necessary to re-distribute crystals, or add crystals, on your piece to assure balanced coverage. Use your brush to push crystals onto thinly covered areas or dip your brush into the jar and gather crystals onto it, then "pat" them on the sparsely covered areas.
  • We recommend a broad, soft fan brush to apply crystal glazes. The fan brush may help more in the even disbursement of the crystals, thus creating a more pleasing pattern in the fired glaze.
  • Crystalites™ are designed to fire to cone 06. Higher temperature firings will change the colors from cone 06 results and movement and flow WILL increase.
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