Mayco Slump & Hump Molds

Essential hand building tools used to form clay. Basic geometric shapes serve to create the basis for functional and decorative items such as masks, vases and bowls. Especially useful to provide structure for creating non-solid designs like lattice weaves and coils. Add texture to your form using Mayco Press Tools and household items such as burlap, leaves, cookie cutters, bubble wrap, etc.

Mayco Slump & Humps are packaged and sold together. When separated, the two part mold provides both a slump and a hump version. Storing the two pieces together with a rubber band or twine helps protect the inner surface of the molds from damage.

Slump Molds - the clay "slumps" or sags down to add embellishments to the inside of the shape or around the lip.

Hump Molds - the clay is draped over the mold, creating a convex shape, and used when you want to add feet, handles or other embellishments to the outside of the shape.
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