Business Opportunities


There are currently over 2000 contemporary ceramic studios doing business in the world. Contemporary Ceramic Studios or Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Studios are primarily storefront studios that offer a place to paint bisque pieces with ceramic glazes. The customer then leaves the painted piece at the studio for firing and returns a few days later to pick up the fired creation. Studios charge for the bisque piece, painting time and sometimes a firing fee.
We are here to help you get your business started. Everything you need: kilns, colours, glazes, brushes, bisque and accessories. We have the best discounts in the industry.
If you have a background in ceramics, or are already trained and comfortable with the 'contemporary' technique, then you might consider adding other alternatives such as potter's wheels, or clay or some other kind of craft right from the start. It can set you apart from the competition.
If you are thinking about opening a Contemporary Studio and would like our help, call us at (204) 284-2964.