Teegan Walker, Instructor

Teegan Walker is a young Manitoba-based artist with a strong interest for handmade tableware, ceramics and design. He studied with Lin Xu during his time at Brandon University, taking courses in hand-building, sculpture, and wheel throwing. His work has been exhibited at the 2016 Interlake Juried Art Show, 2016 Rural and Northern Juried Art Show and The Gallery Of Southwestern Manitoba. 

Teegan focuses on creating functional work that shows appreciation for tradition but stretches to contemporary ideas regarding form and function. He draws influence from architecture, music, and landscape while maintaining a style that reflects the use of line, symmetry and minimalism. 

While he hones his craft in ceramic design, Teegan continues to work at The Sounding Stone Pottery Supply Store in Winnipeg, MB.   

I believe that handmade ceramics have an important place in history and in our daily lives. Each piece has persevered through a lengthy and rigorous processes before it is ready for use. This relates directly to the maker and the set of processes that he or she must pursue on a day-to-day basis. The piece, once completed, embodies energy in relation to the maker. my goal is to create work that embodies the energy, craftsmanship, focus and attention to detail that has gone into them, with consistent and intentional results. My work is inspired by simplicity and beauty with an overarching sense of community and continuity, My design is led by ideas of architecture, music, landscape, process and the freedom of line to express itself literally. Through trial and error, I learn what forms and finishes stay true to my ideals and values. Through this I hope to involve the audience in a deeper connection to the process, patience and self-expression that has intentionally brought it to existence.