Happy Retirement Vern!

Happy Retirement Vern!

 As Vern's retirement date is coming quickly this February 5th, we wish to acknowledge his keen business sense, dedication, and fair and honest dealings with all customers and staff. For nearly forty years, Vern has been a mentor to us all with his strong leadership skills in managing the store and his diplomatic approach to decision making.

 Thank you for serving the company with such commitment and passion. It will hard to let you leave the company but your achievements will keep on inspiring us forever.

 May the next phase of your life bring you all that you seek and more!

'I would like to thank you all.  I consider so many of you to be friends, not just customers.  Going to miss you and wish you all the best'  Vern


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  • Andrea Atkinson : May 28, 2022

    Just read about your retirement, Vern. Sorry to see you go! Thank you for all the years of excellent service at the Sounding Stone, and may you find great joy and satisfaction in your retirement.

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