Graffito Paper

The principle behind Graffito Paper is exactly the same as carbon paper. The Graffito sheets are embedded with a ceramic underglaze that will transfer to bisqueware when drawn upon using a pen or pencil. Place artwork on top of the Graffito Paper and trace the artwork with a pencil or pen, then remove the paper and Graffito by peeling back. To set the image, fire to Cone 013 to burn off the wax and then proceed to glaze fire as normal.

All colors are AP Non-Toxic and fire to Cone 8.


Above:  Tiles decorated with Graffito
Tips:  Use a colored pen or pencil, if you are using a black and white image, it will contrast with the background and give you a better idea of where you have marked.

A sharp pencil point will create the finest line.

Instructions for Using Graffito Paper

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Minnesota Clay Graffito Paper

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