Stock Levels

If you are unfamiliar with our store, you might wonder what 'in stock' means on a product page? We care about every customer's shopping experience so we have real inventory numbers on each and every product we sell. If a product says 'in stock' that means we have inventory ready to ship. If you pay for it, it will ship.

We hear from potential new customers often wondering if we really have stock. I guess some other vendors abuse the 'in stock' label and list items in stock when they don't really have it. There are no fake inventories here. Don't get me wrong, we make mistakes and every business has product shrinkage. Our exceptional staff are human so the occasional mistake does happen in which case we will back order the product and we will cover the cost of shipping to ship it to you when it arrives or offer to refund the purchase price. 

We value each and every customer whether you have placed one order or one hundred. 

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