Packing Your Order With Biodegradeable Packing Peanuts

Packing Your Order With Biodegradeable Packing Peanuts

About Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Despite being bad for the environment, packing peanuts are actually a pretty good packaging solution, and can do wonders for protecting sensitive and delicate items during shipping.

As an answer to protests over the environmental impact of the petroleum-based foam packing peanut, manufacturers in the ‘90s began experimenting with starch-based packing peanut alternatives, thereby creating the biodegradable packing peanut! 

What They’re Made Of

Biodegradable packing peanuts are made from cornstarch. Entirely plant-based, biodegradable packing peanuts will dissolve in water, making it impossible for them to wind up polluting oceans, lakes, rivers, or waterways. 

That said, should a wild critter get a hold of one of these starchy-puffs, they won’t experience any significant health risks should they choose to chow down. 

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts Disposal

Unlike foam packing peanuts, which can take centuries to decompose, biodegradable packing peanuts can be dissolved in just minutes when exposed to moisture and warmth. 

Once you have gotten all the use you need out of biodegradable packing peanuts, they can be dissolved in your home and washed away, or can even be added to a compost pile if you live in a warmer climate.

Since bio-peanuts are made from natural plant-based starches, you won’t have to worry about them destroying pipes or polluting the environment once they have been dissolved and washed away.


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