Wax On Resist Can Freeze Without Damage

Wax On Resist Can Freeze Without Damage

An update to Ceramic Shop's Wax On Resist. Ceramic Shop now states that Wax On Resist products can safely be frozen and thawed and not suffer any negative effects. We tested it by freezing a bottle solid, the bottle didn't split and when thawed it resisted perfectly as if it hadn't been frozen. 

Our current inventory have labels on the bottles that warn about freezing the product but Ceramic Shop is just using up their current run of labels and future labels will have the freeze warning removed. 

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  • Darren: January 27, 2023

    Thanks Grant for running the freeze test to confirm. I recently ordered this during the cold spell, received the product in good order. Amazed by the resistive ability of this product, works great at resisting high red iron glaze perfectly where other waxes failed, they were too sticky, held the glaze orb rubbed off to easily and took other layers beneath with it. , Wax On, holds well and beads glazes off well. One thingnto know is it is much more fluid so need more care when applying, but flows smoothly.

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