Bartlett RTC-1000 Kiln Control

The RTC 1000 is Bartlett Instrument Company's fifth generation kiln controller. Each generation has improved the reliability, features and ease-of-use to make Bartlett Instrument Company's kiln controllers the most accepted on the market.

Features of the RTC 1000 Control:
  • Cone Fire
  • Preheat
  • 6 Ramp/Hold Programs of 8 segments
  • 16 segment program capable
  • Zone Control (optional)
  • Thermocouple Offset
  • Alarm temperature
  • Delay start
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius operation
  • Jewelry Burn Out Programs
New improved features:
  • Add Time
  • Back Key
  • Recall User Program
  • CONE FIRE METHOD - use when firing to a specific cone number using one of four speeds, "Slow Bisque", "Fast Bisque", "Slow Glaze", or "Fast Glaze".
  • PREHEAT - Used with CONE FIRE method to hold a temperature of 200 °F for a specified time prior to starting the firing. This can be used for drying ware.