Bartlett V6-CF Kiln Control

The V6-CF is Bartlett Instrument Company's fifth generation kiln control. Each generation has improved the reliability, features and ease-of-use to make Bartlett Instrument Company's kiln controllers the most accepted on the market. With the V6-CF cone-fire method, you select 1 of the 4 firing speeds and your cone number and you're firing your ceramics with as few as 6 key presses! The vary-fire method gives you the freedom to create up to six, 8-step user programs to fire your ceramics, crystalline glazes, glass or jewelry. Other features include delay start, preheat, alarm, cone adjustments, thermocouple adjustments, °F or °C operation, 16 segment program, and skip step.

cone fire method
Used for firing ceramics
  • Easy
  • Ensures correct heat-work for each cone number and firing rate
  • As few as six key presses can have a firing programmed and started
vary-fire method
Used for firing glass, jewelry, crystalline glazes, etc.
  • More complicated profile
  • More freedom