Amaco CO6 Supernova Cosmos Glaze, Pint

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Supernova is a highly fluid creamy white translucent glaze with a crystalline surface like frost on a window. The gloss glaze surface is opalescent and breaks slightly more cream than white.

Apply to: Cone 04 Bisqueware
Number of coats: 4 coats

This glaze performs best at cone 5 but can be fired to cone 6. For best results, leave the inside or back of the form unglazed.

Can be fired in a normal medium-speed firing with no special cooling schedule required. To take this glaze to the next level, use a controlled cooling schedule for increased crystal growth

These glazes are prone to running so we recommend stopping your glaze about half an inch above the foot. You can also use a drip tray or soft bricks to protect kiln shelves.

Is this glaze food safe? Yes, but due to durability, these glazes are not recommended for food surfaces.


Directions for use - From the bottle label:
Test before using. Very fluid glaze at cone 5-6. For best results, apply 3-4 coats. Place ware on a drip catcher or apply the glaze in decreasing coats near the base to reduce runoff. Glaze may pinhole or blister on some clay bodies, or if the ware is glazed on both sides (inside & out).

Click the four page Cosmos Advantage Sheet below for valuable application and firing tips.  

View the Cosmos Advantage Brochure for FAQ, Glaze Application & Firing Tips

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