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      Upgrade your glazing process with DiamondCore's Glaze Fountain Deluxe*! 

      This self-powered fountain simplifies and speeds up the glazing of bisqueware. Forget about the messy cup-swirling routine — just press the foot pedal for a controlled fountain of glaze. 

      Excess glaze flows back into the bucket, and after use, rinse off the fountain for quick reuse in another glaze. Experience efficient and hassle-free glazing every time!

      *patent pending


      • The Glaze Fountain Classic
      • Glaze Fountain Cone Attachment
      • Glaze Fountain Wand Attachment
      • Large Cleanup Sponge
      • Microfiber Towels
      • 3-Piece Pottery Sponge Set 1


      • Human-powered pump to efficiently distribute glaze inside ceramics
      • Laser-cut, stainless-steel spring-tension pedal with hardwood footboard
      • Coiled, metal tension cable, encased in rubber housing
      • 13-inch stainless-steel fountain pipe
      • Cable-controlled, plastic pump reservoir
      • Two industrial suction cups to adhere the reservoir to the bottom of buckets
      • The included nozzle attachment increases the force and height of the glaze spray
      • The removable rubber plug empties the reservoir with the help of the foot pedal
      • A supportive, propeller-shaped plastic cone base connects the cone to the fountain pipe (cone holder color may vary)
      • Self-contained; doesn’t require electricity
      • Preassembled; unpack, add to glaze bucket, prime pump with foot press
      • Additional accessories available


      • Spray glaze on the interiors of ceramic pieces evenly and quickly with less mess
      • Coats ceramics without having to touch the glaze
      • Can be used in multiple glaze buckets in a studio environment


      • Less hassle and mess than hand-dipping, hand-pouring glaze inside bisqueware
      • A portable, foot-powered fountain requires no electricity or cords around liquids
      • Designed to be used with existing 2-gallon, 5-gallon, and 10-gallon glaze buckets
      • Excess glaze quickly runs back into the bucket
      • Simple to cycle out the glaze and rinse the device to use with multiple glazes
      • Easy to use in a variety of spaces — including studios and personal workspaces


        • Length of cable sleeve 47 inches 
        • Foot pedal dimensions: 10 inches length X 7.5 width X 7 inches 
        • Pump reservoir dimensions: 7 inches length X 5.5 inch width X 15.5 inches tall
        • Height of stainless-steel fountain shaft: 13 inches
        • Requires only about 2 inches of fluid in a bucket to function
        • Approximate height of unimpeded glaze sprays: 1 to 8+ inches, depending on foot pedal pressure


        • Use all safety precautions
        • Keep out of the reach of children  
        • Use the pedal gently but firmly to distribute the glaze spray
        • Always wear closed-toe shoes while using the foot pedal 
        • Do not look directly into the fountain pipe when dispensing glaze
        • When removing the fountain from glaze or water buckets, liquid may drip on floor surfaces; dry floors to prevent slippery surfaces
        • Do not leave the Glaze Fountain submerged in glaze or water buckets for long periods of time

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