DiamondCore P4V Fluting Carver

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Building on the unique functionality of our P4 Teardrop Fluting Tool, the P4V Fluting Tool offers you another way to create precise lines with smooth-sided concave edges. Pull the tool through clay with varied pressure to control the depth of your design with V-shaped edges. The pencil-like handle and foam grip provide added comfort and control for extended use. No other tool can match these tools in performance. They leave little or no burs or debris, carver faster, with much less resistance and therefore with much less hand/wrist/muscle fatigue. They are much sharper than ordinary loop tools, have a built-in stylus, and a comfortable foam grip. The blades are self-sharpening (made of sheet stainless steel), and are designed with a wider opening in the back to prevent clogging, leaving cleaner, crisper lines.

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