Kaowool Rigidizer

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Kaowool Rigidizer is a colloidal silica compound for treating surfaces of fiber products to provide a degree of surface hardness and resistance to erosion. Maximum recommended temperature not to exceed 2300F or 1260C.

- Increases surface hardness and resistance to erosion
- Easily applied by brushing or spraying
- Freeze resistant

- Surface coating for ceramic fiber blanket and modules exposed to high velocity gases
- Surface treatment for vacuum formed fiber shapes to increase surface hardness

Installation Information
Kaowool Rigidizer is applied by brushing, dipping, rolling, and spraying. Suitable respiratory protection and ventilation are required when applied by spraying.
Materials to be rigidized should be free of all grease and oil. Kaowool Rigidizer receives its bonding action from the removal of physical water. Bonding may be accelerated by heating or oven drying. Curing is a function of the size of the shape and its geometry.
An application rate of one gallon per 25 square feet (2.3 m2) of ceramic fiber surface will render a hard surface without completely rigidizing the interior of the ceramic fiber body.

Although Kaowool Rigidizer contains an anti-freeze additive designed to lower the freezing point temperature and provide freeze/thaw stability, protecting the product from freezing is recommended. Normal shelf life is minimum twelve months in unopened containers that have been properly stored.

Freezing warning: Rigidizer could freeze in cold climates. Rigidizer will be sent to cold regions in the winter only at the customer’s risk. Once it freezes it will crystallize, and even when thawed it WILL NOT revert back to its original consistency and is rendered useless.

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