Spectrum Floating Stoneware Glazes - Sample Pack

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Brushing Directions: Shake or stir well. Use a soft brush to apply 3 smooth, flowing coats to stoneware clay which has been bisque fired to cone 04. Dry-foot or stilt, and fire to cone 5. Thin with water if necessary.

The name "Floating Glazes" was inspired by the idea we had while developing these colors that they should give the appearance of one color floating on top of another color. They are all glossy reactive type glazes that produce many surprising and beautiful effects. Similar to other reactive type glazes, the final appearance of the glaze is dependent on firing temperature, glaze thickness and the composition of the clay body being used. We have produced beautiful results on various clay bodies from white, to buff to red and even black clay. Also firing at cone 6 versus cone 5 produces interesting variations.

Eleven of these colors are lead-free, non-toxic and food safe. The lone exception is 1439 that is above the non-toxic limit for copper.