Mayco SW401 Light Flux

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Size: Liquid, 4 oz

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Movement • Interaction • Beauty

Use SW-401 Mayco Flux in combination with other glazes to produce a flowing effect. The unique material composite of Mayco Flux alters the character of the supplemental glazes when applied in combination. Apply Mayco Flux on top or underneath glazes and fire to cone 5/6 can also be use cone 9/10 with increased movement

• Variables that influence movement include the fluidity of the companion glaze, application methods, thickness and orientation of application, number of coats, firing temperature and program.

• To prevent glaze run-off, avoid applying Flux to the bottom third of your ware.

Safety Information

SW-401 Light Flux bears a Non-Toxic label according to FDA standardsThe Stoneware Flux’s are Dinnerware Safe when used according to manufacturer’s directions and fired to the clay body’s vitrification temperaturesHowever, discretion and judgment should be used if the glaze surface is heavily textured, less from a safety and more from an aesthetic perspective.




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