Sounding Stone Raku Glazes

Raku is a process that involves glazing your clay objects with glazes that are high in metals, usually copper and that are designed to crackle.
They are then placed in a kiln and fired to a temperature of about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
Once it reaches this temperature, the work is immediately removed while it is still red-hot and placed into a combustion chamber such as a garbage can full of sawdust, newspaper, straw, or anything else that will easily catch on fire.
Once it lights on fire, flames envelope the piece and react with the copper or other metals in the glaze to create colourful patterns on the piece.
Carbon from the smoke becomes trapped in the cracks of crackle glazes and help to define them.

Visit our Raku Kilns & Equipment page for raku firing supplies.

View a video demonstration of a Raku Firing.

Raku glazes are not food safe.

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