Bartlett Instruments Genesis Kiln Control

This unit will be the next generation of kiln controllers with its modern and intuitive user platform. But, because results are what counts, this one also includes the knowledge that is at the heart of every Bartlett controller. Bartlett designs, manufactures and sells all of its controllers with the customer at the forefront of that process and insist on procedures and systems to continue to be a reliable and consistent resource for artists. The control strategies that have produced so many successful firings with Bartlett controllers will only be enhanced by this new format of display and user interface.

This controller will make firing kilns just a little bit easier in these ways:

  • touch-screen technology for the user interface
  • easy-to-follow screen descriptions 
  • different user-interface levels, which can be set to match the user’s firing knowledge 
  • graphical display of the firing process right at the controller 
  • Store up to 12 custom user programs 
  • Up to 32 segments per program 
  • Ability to make adjustment during a firing such as add segments, add temperature, and skip segments
  • Built in diagnostics testing for use with a current sensor
  • Alarm
  • Error Codes
  • WiFi enabled for easy software updating
  • Compatible with KISS computer interface

    Coming Soon!!! Ability to register Genesis on Bartlett’s website for access to our Future Data Capabilities